We believe the no person should be denied disability benefits because of procedural or legal technicalities. We publish books and kits to help you do a better job with managing your own disability claim or appeal. 

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Legal Advice

We give you legal advice delivered in a one-time consultation. Prices are based on a fixed fee payable in advance of the consultation. Legal advice services are based on availability and we have the right to decline to provide service. 

Applying for Benefits

We prepare and file your application for disability benefits. You pay for any medical reports or supporting documents, but only pay us if we are successful.

Maintaining Benefits

Once your claim is approved, we represent you in all ongoing dealings with the insurance company to minimize the risk that benefits will be terminated.

Appealing a denial of benefits or compensation

We represent you in all aspects of your appeal, lawsuit or settlement negotiations. We represent you on a contingency fee (no-win, no-fee) basis. Depending on the situation, the contingency fee can be a percentage of the funds recovered or a fixed fee agreed upon in advance. We cannot offer contingency fee representation in all situations.