Career Opportunities at a Leader in Disability Legal Services

Come work with one of Canada’s most successful disability claim law firms. 



Working with Resolute Legal means doing what you are passionate about, and working on the cutting edge of the legal services industry in Canada.

We are a leader in developing and delivering services in innovative and new ways. We leverage technology and relationships with other counsel to deliver service to clients across the country.

We are always looking for people who are passionate about helping others and fighting for the underdog! If you think you can fill the role of a client service representative, case manager, legal advocacy writer, paralegal or lawyer, then we would love to hear form you. We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people.


The most important criteria for a successful candidate is that you share our core values. We don’t hire based on skills or years of experience. We hire people who share our core values and passion for innovation, lifelong learning, advocacy and for fighting for the underdog.


Following are some the the core roles and team members within Resolute Legal.

Disability Claim Specialists

Disability claim specialists are the core members of our disability claim support team. This is an entry level position with Resolute Legal. You would answer incoming calls from people who are looking for information, requesting free copies of our books, or seeking a free consultation with us.

Disability Claim Consultants

Disability Claim consultants have a deep understanding of the disability claim process and the options available to disability claimants, no matter what stage of the process they are at. Disability claim consultants provide free consultations to people who contact us for help, or who are looking to hire us. They explain the process of hiring us and coordinate with our supervising lawyer when deciding to take on new cases or clients.

Disability Case Managers

Disability case managers are responsible for a group of existing clients. The case manger is the primary contact for the client and coordinates with other members of the legal team including disability lawyers and paralegals. This is a critical role because the disability case manager is the face of the firm, responds to inquiries from assigned clients, and is responsible for making sure the clients’ cases move as efficiently and quickly as possible toward resolution. This is a challenging job, but extremely rewarding because of the relationships you will develop with our clients.

Legal Assistants / Office Clerks

Legal assistants and office clerks are core members of the legal services team. This is an entry level position with Resolute Legal. Duties include assisting with ordering documents, processing disability claims, managing incoming and outgoing mail, coordinating appointments, and some direct contact with existing clients.

Disability Paralegals / Legal Writers

Disability paralegals and legal writers work mostly behind-the-scenes to process disability claims, appeals and lawsuits. These roles offer less direct contact with our clients, and greater focus on the legal work of advocacy writing, preparation of legal documents, and document review. This work is critical to the success of our legal services team.

Disability Claim Lawyers

Disability claim lawyers are a core member of our legal services team. Disability claim lawyers work directly with disability case managers, paralegals and legal advocacy writers. The disability claim lawyer has a roster of assigned clients and is responsible for the overall strategy for those clients’ cases. Disability lawyer oversee production of disability claim forms, legal pleadings, attend discovery examinations, court motions, disability appeal hearings and trials.


We do not currently have any open positions. 

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