Resolute Legal has had one vision since its founding in 2013: To help Canadians nationwide deal with aggressive and unfair long-term disability companies and programs.

Before 2013, our founder David Brannen represented disability claimants for years as part of his legal practice at a general personal injury law firm. He saw changes in the disability insurance industry towards consolidation and specialization. Insurance companies were hiring lawyers in-house, rather than outside lawyers or law firms. They would base those lawyers at a central office and have them work exclusively on disability claims and lawsuits. They would handle cases in multiple provinces and across the country. It was hard to compete against such well organized, focused, and consolidated companies.

This is when David questioned: Why couldn't we do the same thing? Why can't we have a Canadian law firm focused exclusively on handling disability claims, and representing people across the country? There were many naysayers who thought it couldn’t be done. David sought out several attorneys in the United States who had developed nationwide disability law firms. He travelled to Florida, Virginia, and Arizona to learn the secrets on how these law firms operated nationally and provided full service to disability claimants.

Using an online legal services model, Resolute Legal now operates as a national disability law firm from its headquarters in Moncton, New Brunswick. We represent people in all provinces and territories with the exception of Quebec. We have successfully represented disability claimants in Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon. We directly handle Canada Pension Plan disability claims and appeals nationwide. For disability claims against insurance companies, we directly handle cases in Atlantic Canada and have a network of affiliated disability lawyers in other provinces who act independently or as co-counsel.

Our MISSION — Our "Why"

We envision a Canada where no person is wrongfully denied disability-related compensation or benefits.

Resolute Legal helps people win disability-related compensation and benefits by empowering them with education, advocacy and services. 


Resolute Legal is based on a foundation of core values and policies, which are binding on all employees and serve to guide us in all we do. We value transparency and strive to be the best source of free information for Canadians dealing with disability claims and appeals. Learn more about our core values.


David-Brannen-500px-2-250x250.jpgDavid Brannen is a former occupational therapist turned disability lawyer. This makes him one of a handful of lawyers in Canada who was formerly a health professional. There is value in having a lawyer who has experience working in hospitals and rehabilitation centres, preformed functional capacity assessments, and studied medical conditions at the university.

David is a true lifelong learner and is the author of A Beginners Guide to Disability Insurance Claims in Canada, which sells on and the iTunes bookstore. He is also the author of our popular guide, The CPP Disability Claim Approval Blueprint, and has written numerous articles on winning disability claims.

In 2016, David was a featured speaker at the Canadian Institute's National Conference for the Disability Insurance Claim Industry (see photo above). He gave a presentation on taxation of disability insurance settlements and was on a panel which discussed the challenges of return to work programs for people receiving long-term disability benefits.


  • No up-front payments; you only pay if we win your disability claim or negotiate a settlement.
  • Our Resolute Disability Claim Approval System will maximize your chances of success.
  • You get a law firm that focuses exclusively on winning long-term disability claims.
  • We pay for additional medical testing or reports necessary to win your case.
  • We connect you with an experienced disability lawyer in your province.
  • You no longer have to deal with stressful phone calls — we stand between you and the insurance company.



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