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We believe it's important for businesses to be clear about the core values that define its culture, brand, and business strategies. These values explain what Resolute Legal is all about. These values inform how we make decisions, deliver service to clients, and interact with each other within the firm.

As with everything at Resolute Legal, this list of values is a work in progress.

1. Innovation and Leadership

  • you share our value of being a North American leader in advocacy and services for people who need to apply for and win disability benefits
  • you are committed to excellence and setting the standard for other law firms to follow

2. Deliver Client Happiness

  • our clients are under significant financial and emotional stress
  • see every interaction as an opportunity to brighten their day or to reduce their stress
  • when faced with competing choices, you always default to the choice that delivers the greatest client happiness

3. Embrace and Drive Change

  • you accept that change is constant
  • you look for ways to constantly improve our systems and services
  • you embrace that we work on the cutting edge of legal services delivery in Canada

4. Default to Transparency

  • you take pride in opportunities to be transparent with in dealings with clients and others
  • you use transparency as a tool to help others
  • you take pride in helping others in our industry, even if they are technically our competitors

5. All hands-on Deck

  • no egos, no corner offices
  • this isn't like the TV show "Suits"
  • everyone pitches in when needed

6. Pursue self-improvement, growth and learning

  • you think about your current level of productivity and happiness, and make continual changes to grow
  • you practice activities and develop habits that will improve your mind and body
  • you look for opportunity to learn so you can help Resolute Legal become a better company

7. Create Fun and a little weirdness

  • you embrace having fun
  • you appreciate that "a little" weirdness is a good thing
  • you keep an open mind about our annual Star Wars movie event
  • you look for opportunities to promote fun and goodwill

8. Build a positive team & family spirit

  • you always approach things in a positive and optimistic way
  • you never criticize or condemn other team members or clients
  • you don’t gossip about other team members or clients (we have zero tolerance for this)
  • you treat other team members and clients in a professional manner
  • you let other team members save face, even if they are clearly wrong

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