Learn Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Chances of Winning Payment of Long-term Disability Insurance Benefits, Even After a Denial.

David literally wrote the book on how to maximize your chances of winning long-term disability insurance payments in Canada.

LTD Book 300Applying for long-term disability benefits from insurance companies is an uphill battle. If you haven't learned this, you soon will.

In this book David explains how even honest and legitimately disabled people can make mistakes when applying for benefits that will almost guarantee a denial of payment by the insurance company.

If you just got a denial letter from the insurance company, then it is essential that you read this book before you take any further steps with your appeal.

In this book you will learn...

  • why being honest and legitimately disabled is not enough to win payment of benefits
  • the common mistakes people make that will almost guarantee a denial of benefits
  • the mistakes people make after being approved, that will cause benefits to be cut off
  • the secrets for maximizing your chances of overturning a wrongful denial of disability benefits
  • when it makes sense to hire a lawyer and common legal fee arragements

The paperback version of this book sells for $20.00, but we are currently mailing a free copy to anyone who is dealing with a long-term disability insurance claim in Canada. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues we cannot provide free books and consultations to residents of Quebec.

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