When the insurance company denies your life insurance claim, we help you appeal their decision. Common reasons given for denial include, alleged misrepresentations by the deceased person when they bought the insurance, pre-existing conditions, taking too long to file the claim, taking too long to appeal the denial, and other legal technicalities. Sometimes the insurance company is wrong and these reasons for denial can be overturned on appeal.   

We represent you at all stages of the appeal process, which starts with writing appeal letters to the insurance company and can include filing a lawsuit against them. Suing the insurance company is the last resort, but can be effective because it gives you the most options. For example, you have the option to do buy-out negotiations (out of court settlements) with the insurance company or have a judge make the final decision on whether they have to pay you.

This is right for you if the insurance company has denied your life insurance claim and you need to prepare an appeal letter, or file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

What is the price?

The legal fee is always on a no-win, no-pay arrangement. The legal fees  will not exceed 33.3% (plus taxes) of the amount won at trial or through a one-time out-of-court settlement.

How It WOrks

  • Call us toll free at 1-888-732-0470
  • Speak with our insurance claim support team. If you qualify for this service, they will book a time for you to speak with a lawyer.
  • A 20-minute free consultation with a insurance claim lawyer
  • If we offer to represent you, then you can choose to hire us
  • All hiring is done online using electronic signatures

What it includes:

  • 20-minute free consultation with an insurance claim lawyer
  • No up-front fees and you only pay us if we win
  • We handle all aspects of the appeals (or lawsuit) and all communications with the insurance company
  • We represent you in any appeal hearings or court proceedings

What it Doesn’t include:

  • Representation in other legal matters you may have
  • No guarantee of success


Please note that we only offer this service in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. We reserve the right to decline service. In all other provinces, we would refer you to our affiliated disability. If you hire that lawyer, we may remain involved on a co-counsel basis, but the affiliated lawyer is the primary lawyer for the lawsuit.